My Initial Concept

Reclaimer Map

The initial concept of my first game FAR outreached my ability to follow through on it in my limited time frame. It was a full, Legend of Zelda-style action RPG that was to be called Reclaimer. The game would have been set on an island and would have involved exploring multiple dungeons in any order the player chose for treasure. There was to be four different dungeon areas set in the jungle, snowy forest, desert, and abandoned city. The feature image above and the photos below show some of the work I’ve done on the location of the game that could have been.

IMG_2731[1] IMG_2732[1] IMG_2733[1]



After working on mapping out the play space for the game and talking it out, I quickly realized I was biting off far more than I could chew on making a working game with a good story in time without it feeling rushed and awkwardly put together. However, I realized that I could still utilize the work I’ve done on the world building and history I’ve already put time into while focusing it into a smaller play space, more intimate story, and simpler game play in the new concept I am working on. The world of Storm Island and the Division-the cataclysmic event that caused the destruction at and rise of monsters on the edges of the island that pushed civilization to the island’s center-will be used in the new concept, albeit in at much smaller scope. Despite this, some things will simply not be able to be brought over into the new game without fear of the content creep that forced me to scrap my initial concept. The default protagonist, Charles Blake (below), for one, will not appear in my new concept, as his character of a charming puckish rogue of a treasure hunter in the realm of Indiana Jones simply doesn’t fit into the newer intimate and more somber story I thought of for the new, smaller game.

Martin Doyle-Default (Wry Smile) Martin Doyle-Default

This work I’ve done on the old concept may not get used in the final game, but creating it taught me so much about the creation tool I’m using (RPG Maker VX Ace) and how to keep my aspirations and goals in game creation in check.


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