My New Concept


As a direct response to the feature creep that my last idea had, my new idea is significantly smaller in scope. That does not mean it will be any less good of a game, simply more concise. The game will take place in the world I created for the previous idea, but it will be located, in its entirety, in a small location in Oldtown-the abandoned city I laid out in the previous game’s map-and will be set before the other game, significantly closer to the Division that caused all of the destruction on the island and monsters to appear. In that small section of Oldtown, the player will be searching for resources and strategically dealing with enemies via limited combat and avoidance. The resources the player is looking for are all optional to collect, with the player able to leave the play space at any time and bring about the game’s end, which will change in regards to which resource goals have been reached. Resources will be scarce in the game, especially combat items. Like the original Resident Evil, there simply won’t be enough resources to kill every enemy in the game, so you have to really be careful and think about how you want to deal with each enemy in the game. The enemies in the game, by the way, can be seen below:


I also have created the new protagonist for the game and here are the character sprites:

New Protagonist

That’s the broad concept of the game I have so far, but look forward to more specific details very soon.

Phillip Corrado


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