The Backbone of the Game: Programs and Scripts


It wouldn’t matter if I had the best idea for this project of all time if I could not see it to fruition. These programs and the work that other talented users of them did are the reason I’m able to work on my game. The game making tool I’m using to work on my ideas is the software RPG Maker VX Ace.

RPG_Maker_VX_Ace_Image5 screenshot-rpg-maker-vx-ace-lite-18 RPGMakerVXAce3

This software is SUPER user friendly, as it has pre-made tile sets for environment design which makes it as easy to make your areas as painting them in and an easy character creator. These content creation tools allow me to quickly iterate on environments and focus on story work and world design without having to worry about any heavy scripting of any kind.


Further helping that is the work other people using RPG Maker have done on custom combat systems that would allow for real time combat as opposed to the default turn based combat system that the software comes with which would not fit with the tone I’m trying to evoke in the game play. The combat systems I’m currently working with as I’m deciding wich one better suits the game are:

The Xiderowg Action System created by Xiderowg


and the Sapphire Action System IV created by Khas Arcthunder


I’m also using scripts other users have written to better convey my story to the player. These scripts allow for text to be displayed without taking control away from the player, allowing for world and narrative building to take place without interrupting game flow. These scripts are:

Play Game Whilst Displaying a Window by DiamondandPlatinum3


and the Gab Window by Yanfly



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