The World: The Isle of Storms


I briefly touched upon the world of my game in my previous post about the game’s initial concept, but I thought it could use some more fleshing out and detail. The world the two concepts inhabit is that of Storm Island. Here, civilization has been compressed to the center of the island’s real estate as a result of a minor cataclysmic event called the Division, which brought about the monsters that have over taken the island’s outer reaches. Humanity finds itself located mainly in two main cities, Port and Newtown, Storm Island’s harbor- and capital-cities. Newtown holds the majority of the population of the island, and in considerably smaller space since the destruction of Oldtown from the Division. Oldtown now resides beyond the Wall of Newtown, overrun by shades and blocking off access to the East Tower, an old structure that served as a lighthouse. Port is Storm Island’s main harbor city, responsible for the bulk of the island’s import and exports, sometimes seeing nearly one hundred ships in a day traveling in and heading out into the Big Wet. In between them lies the Flat, a wide spot of plains that’s home to the relatively small agrarian works of the island, as Storm Island imports most of its food due to the difficulty of tilling the island’s soil. The Flat is also home to the island’s lake, the Small Wet. This lake is the prime spot for the island’s citizens to vacation and has a strong freshwater fishing industry. The Small Wet serves as the source for the Snake River, which cuts through Storm Island’s dense jungle, the Wild. Home of most of Storm Island’s species, the Wild is also believed to house relics of civilizations long past and temples long forgotten. Down past the Wild lies Storm Island’s arid desert, the Long Dry, and the third and final bastion of humanity on Storm Island, Last Rest. Past that the Long Dry reaches down far south, with ancient temples and the South Tower at its southernmost point. Storm Island also reaches up north from the Flat to a temperate and tundra-like forest named the Chill. The Chill is home to the highest and most treacherous mountain range on Storm Island, blocking off people from accessing the North Tower, though it’s believed that there is an underground passage through the mountains.

That pretty much lays out Storm Island, and gives a better image of the greater world the game will take place in.


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