What Came Before: Media that Inspired my Idea

Here are some of the games and shows that inspired the new direction my game’s design and story took.

Attack on Titan (Anime)

attack on TITAN

This recent anime’s setup of humanity pushed into a confined circle of space, surrounded by inhuman monsters as they struggle to maintain society and attempt to take the land back factors heavily into the background history and land layout of Desperation’s world. It also influenced the style of Oldtown’s destroyed cityscape layout specifically, putting it in line with the aftermath of the outer city seen in the first episode.


Resident Evil (Game PS1)


Resident Evil provided most of the inspiration behind the gameplay mechanics and feel of the game, with mana and health being scarce and it possibly being wiser to avoid conflict than instigate it. It also is where I took the concept of hiding the user interface back into the menu, to keep the screen clear while adding insecurity to the player by having them keep track of their meters in their head or simply not be sure at all times if they’re okay.


The Last of Us (Game PS3)

The Last of Us

The Last of Us also brought the same idea of resource management as Resident Evil, but also brought natural aesthetics/nature reclaiming the land to the direction I went with the detail work on the maps.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Game SNES)


Zelda is probably the heaviest influence on Desperation, as it was the framework for my initial idea for the game (which now exists as the current project my classmates and I are working on). The top down, action RPG exploration amalgam that is Zelda’s formula is a feel that I tried to emulate for Desperation.


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