Proposal Draft


Here’s the proposal I drafted up for submission. Lemme know if you have any issues with it; otherwise I’ll be submitting it around 6:00 PM tonight!

RPG Maker Proposal


In this project, we will be expanding on Phillip’s Individual Project using RPG Maker VX Ace. This project will include all new regions that were cut from the Individual Project along and an expanded story. Additional characters and/or textures will be created using RPG Maker’s built-in tools or other image-editing software.


In addition to battling the dark creatures from the original project, the player must also travel to distant parts of the land in order to light three lighthouses, which will banish the dark creatures from the realm and allow humanity to retake their homelands.

Project Roles/Features

The roles for the project are as follows: Phillip Corrado is the Project Lead, Ashley Lau is the Lead Writer, Shannon Lau is the Producer, and Charlie Malcolm is the Lead Artist, in charge of creating new art for the game as well as modifying pre-existing assets for the game. The work for the game will be divided up by the various regions of the game world; Phillip is in charge of creating the maps and events for the Central and Western areas, Ashley is in charge of the Northern area, Shannon is in charge of the Eastern area, and Charlie is in charge of the Southern area.  In essence each of these areas, with the exception of the Central region, contains a climate-based field i.e. a desert, a temple for that region, and a given lighthouse. The field areas contain enemies as well as loot the player can collect to upgrade their equipment. The temples are more heavily populated with enemies and lead directly to the lighthouses, which function as dungeons for this game.

There are also several secondary features we wish to implement in this game, such as a day-to-night system to determine when enemies appear within a given area, a choice-driven storyline, and player choice between a male or female avatar.

Updates for this game will be posted on a weekly basis at a WordPress blog hosted by Phillip.


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