List of Questions To Organize Calendar


Hey guys, if everybody could answer these questions as best as they can, that’ll help me plan out a schedule for everybody so we can keep on track with the project! Anyone can answer any of the questions–the names are just for the people that might best be able to answer the question.

Ashley and Phillip: About how long would you say it would take to write up a story for the game? Some of the art assets will be dependent on the story (say, an object an NPC needs that will drive the plot forward), so this is something we’ll want to finish up first.

Everybody: How do we want to split the work load for the art assets? Do we want to split the work? As an aside, which art assets will we need to make on our own? These are the only ones I can think of without browsing RPG Maker’s preexisting tiles:

  •    jungle trees
  •    sandy dunes/desert environment elements
  •   snowy environment elements (buildings? trees?)
  •   shadowy monsters & bosses
  •   overworld temples/mines/stuff that aren’t regular buildings or castles
  •   overworld watchtowers (on that note, will we need a separate asset for when the watchtowers are lit?)
  •   resources/objects to be fetched for NPCs

Everybody: Should we upload pixel maps of our portions of the world, just like Phillip’s overworld pixel map, or just let everyone wing it?

Phillip: Are there size restrictions or anything we need to keep in mind when creating these maps?

Phillip/Everybody: Will we need scripts for the game? Do we want to split up the search for these scripts, or leave it to one person to compile them?

Phillip: You mentioned making the world lighter (or less overcast? something like that) whenever you lit a watchtower. Will we need a separate overworld for that?

Everybody: Will the lighting of the watchtowers affect the individual maps we’re making? Like, since the lit watchtowers mean that humans can spread out a bit more, do we want to add shops and NPCs if the MC (main character) visits old places again, or just not change anything? Do we want to make less drastic changes, like eliminating the monsters?

Phillip: About how long did it take you to make 1 pixel map? (The old town)

Everybody: How will we compile our individual maps into a single game? Send them all to one person to compile at the end?

Everybody: Audio–how do we want to handle this? Does RPG Maker come with premade sound effects and music?


One response to “List of Questions To Organize Calendar

  1. On Story:
    I have usually let my story come after the environments have been finalized so I don’t end up writing something that can’t be done because it would take too long to get working and added in and the story of the area tends to come to me as I work on it. I can have a very broad plot drawn up by the end of the week to get to Ashley and work with her on polishing plot and details though, hopefully.

    On Art Assets:
    Most of the assets you have concerns over are thankfully found within the pre-existing assets, so unless someone needs something really specific we should be good on not having to work on art for tiles. There IS some art that needs to be done for the HUD, however, as the player’s health and experience bar displays a character’s face next to it, and the player might not pick that character.

    On Uploading Maps:
    I think it would be a good idea to have everyone upload their maps, at least in some screenshots if not the files themselves, to keep everyone up to date with the work done on everyone’s maps, so we can comment on and adjust the maps for cohesion while work on them is early.

    On Size Restrictions:
    I just checked RPG Maker and found that the largest single map you can make is 500 X 500 tiles, which that should be more than enough space for any one of our stand-alone spaces, as with maps being linked together in dungeons and in other interior spaces, no one space should ever have to take up that much space. To put that in perspective, the large map I have in my individual project of that section of Old Town is only 45 X 33 tiles.

    On Scripts:
    If you download the file of my individual project (located on this site on the Projects page), it SHOULD be loaded with all of the scripts this game needs, so just build your game assets within the file and everything should work with those scripts, but don’t hesitate to look for other scripts that could add other things to the game, because as it stands, we don’t have terribly many player items for puzzles.

    On Lighting a Watchtower:
    Thankfully that can all be done very easily within eventing, so we don’t have to worry about it too much, as we could probably just adjust the lighting through parallel process eventing and the watchtowers can go from dark to lit with pre-existing sprites of glowing orbs (or lanterns or fire, but I found these look the nicest on top of the towers the software has) that we can place on top of the watchtowers.

    On Time Taken:
    It took me between 1-2 hours to make and tweek the large space in Desperation after I mapped it out on paper, and it took me about as long to do all of the game’s interior spaces combined. I actually documented the work I did on the maps when I was making my individual project, so if you guys want I could make a post about that. All in all, the maps don’t take all that long to make after you know what you’re doing in them and you have a knowledge of where the tiles and assets you want to make that map are.

    On Compiling Maps:
    I would be happy to compile everyone’s maps and assets on my computer if that would be okay with everyone.

    On Audio:
    RPG Maker does in fact come with baked in audio, sound effects, and music, and I used it all except for its music which felt too chip-tune-y to me, which I have nothing wrong with but didn’t fit the tone of my game. I actually used other game’s scores (The White Birch prototype game from Double FIne’s Amenesia Fortnight’ music actually fit my game REALLY well and is most of the songs in Desperation, the others being from Thomas was Alone and Bastion) which sound really good and only feel okay with because its for a school project. So outside of background music, RPG Maker can easily fit all our audio needs.

    That should do it. If you or anyone else has any more questions I’m free to answer them.

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