Project Notes!



Humanity is moved to the inlands. Outliers are nasty. Enemies are made of darkness.
Daytime: don’t fight monsters; Nighttime: you do
Overcast/no sunlight areas have enemies.
You are a Reclaimer: you retrieve lost items that people left behind in the calamity.
You find an item in your early days telling about the lighthouses inside of the Forgotten Palace.
Due to limited resources, you must scavenge for stuff.
Sell items to a pawn shop. Pawn shops are located in cities.
Ultimate goal is to light up the lighthouses scattered about the land: dispels the creatures and allows you to reclaim the land.
No party system.
Can allow for character choice; aesthetics only.

Lighthouses are guarded by waves of enemies.
Different genre lighthouses:
1. Action-based
2. Puzzle-based
3. ???
khas arcthunder
-sapphire action system IV script

Phillip: Project Lead
Shannon: Producer
Charlie: Art Lead
Ashley:  Lead writer

Create maps before trial; use grid system that Phillip used.
Bastion; check for narration, dictation, dialogue.

Start in Port city.
Snow Forest contains an underground temple that leads to the North Tower;
Ruined City; Seperated from livable by a “Wall”. Contains Forgotten Palace.
The jungle. cross the river to get to the temple of the wild , which leads to the East Tower.
You’ll learn about the lighthouses.
Desert (the long dry) which leads to a mountain range is only through the Bleached Tombs, which you can then travel to get to the South Tower.
NPC towns: Port, New Town, Last Refuge. *names subject to change

Divide up areas by region:
North area (Ashley):
-The snow forest, The Chill
-Mines  the Chill (dungeon)
-North Tower

East area (Shannon):
-New Town
-Old Town
-Forgotten Palace

West area (Phillip):
-The Wild
-The temple of the Wild (dungeon)
-Western Tower

south area (Charlie):
-The Last Rest
-The Long Dry (sandstorms?)
-Bleached Tombs (dungeon)
-Southern Tower

Central (Phillip):
-Small Wet and Snaker River
-Port city
-The Flat


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