Notes for 12-7-13 Meeting


-no mine entrance–go directly to mine interior. Also no need for tower–that will be in overworld only.
-Possbility: centralized area
-dungeon-crawling prequel
-(start) sandy beach
-interior of cave
-light monster fighting, fire puzzles, movable blocks
-fighting enemies
-move block out of way
-fire puzzles (on and off)
-wind puzzles (turn objects and extinguish fire)
-pull switches
-healing point
-single entrance tile, single exit tile
1. scene1 – beach with cave (Charlie)

  • -automated protagonist event
  • -map

2. scene2 – cave

  • -first room:
  • no monster, just torches to light.

  • -second room:
  • no monsters, pushable blocks

  • -third room:
  • single monster

  • other rooms
  • -player-input event

  • -monster events

  • -fire puzzles

  • -movable block puzzles

  • -exit event

  • -camera shake event

3. scene3 – temple level1

  • -crossing1
  • -entrance event
  • -exit event

4. scene4 – temple level2

  • -crossing bridge
  • -entrance event
  • -exit event

5. scene5 – beach (Charlie)

  • -put in monsters in first half
  • -dialogue event in second half
  • -entrance event
  • -exit event

6. scene6 – temple level3

  • -crossing3
  • -entrance event
  • -exit event

10. sceneX – temple levelX

  • -MacGuffin
  • -mural?

Maps: Phillip

  • Breakable Pots: Phillip
  • Healing Points (reset stats): Charlie
  • Magic (includes changing switch graphics in response): Shannon
  • Exit/Entrance Event: Charlie
  • Monster Event: Shannon
  • Character response to keyboard Event: Shannon
  • “Cutscenes” events: Ashley
  • Dialogue events (outside cutscenes): Ashley
  • Cave camera-shake event + cave dialogue (I’m blocked in!): Charlie
  • Movable Block event: Ashley

Everyone will be responsible for implementing their event in all the maps of the game where needed. Also, everyone will have to put their original event on a separate, unrelated map for easy copy-paste.


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