What I (Ashley Lau) did

What I did:

I added cutscenes to the beginning and end of the game. I also added several dialogue sequences (mostly tutorial based scenes), and modified the only existing one at the time, which mentioned the cave-in. I also added sound effects to the earthquake scene as well as for when the boulders and carts are moved. I added obstacle based puzzles in the “2nd Interior” level as well as enemies, and I also modified some of the switches to activate when a boulder and/or cart was placed on them. I also modified the design of the first level of the temple to incorporate earlier switch puzzles. I also created the user-case diagrams for both the original project (above) and the final version (below).


The learning curve was a little steep; there were very little comments about how specific variables worked and interacted with each other, so I had to consult my team a lot in order to figure out how to modify things, like the weight-based switches. Dialogue sequences were also new, as directing the camera and forcing the player to move/speak a certain way used a very different set of techniques than modifying the buttons did. Thankfully, the pre-existing earthquake scene gave me something to base the cutscenes and dialogue sequences off of.

Game User Diagram User Case final


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