What I (Charles Malcolm) Did

What I Did

I was in charge of creating the entrances and exits for every map including the entrance into the cave, which had a minor story scene added to it. In a way, I was the initial pass through to make sure every area was traversable and connected (excluding the puzzles). This led me to also change one of the grass assets’ properties to allow players to walk over them. In addition to these, I also created “healing points” at which players can reset all of their stats including magic and health.

I will also be compiling the final document to be  submitted with the game as well as writing the description and technology-used sections.


One challenge I believe we all faced was the time restraint. Originally the concept for our game, Reclaimer, was a vast and fully fleshed out universe that could be sold in stores, but since we all had other finals due and only a few weeks to complete the project, we scaled down the game to focus on one area: the cave, which evolved into our new prequel game called Excavation.

As far as personal challenges go, I had some difficulty learning the scripting system as well as the mapping tools in RPG Maker. It was also a bit discouraging that none of the maps I made was able to make it into the final game, but I would say that my problems pale in comparison to my teammates’. The most difficulty I had was transporting the player between maps correctly so that they could go back and forth. There was a lot of trial and error involved in that process.


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