What I (Shannon Lau) Did

What I did:

I created the first (and only) working fire puzzle in the cave entrance map. The fire puzzle is actually a monster event disguised as a torch, which is linked to an invisible switch on a nearby tile that opens the door. I set up the other fire puzzles using the original working fire puzzle as a template. I also created the variables TorchHealth through TorchHealth12.

I also created the original rolling boulder event in the cave entrance using various tutorials found on RPG Maker’s official forums, and copy-pasted this boulder throughout the cave and in some instances in the temple.

I set up the bridge switches for the wind spell using the switch and bridge events from the D04 map. I also created the floor switch events and switch variables Open, sesame! through Open, sesame (4)! using a tutorial from RPG Maker’s official forums.

Finally, I copy-pasted the monster events from Desperation into the Excavation maps.

Apart from what I did for the game, I also did the Freytag pyramids for this game and the older version shown on Dec. 2nd for presentation.
New version:
Freytag copy

Old version:
Reclaimer_Freytag_2 copy


Some tutorials for things like lit torches and block puzzles were not clear in some aspects, such as creating variables or setting up code in the contents of the Event Page. I suspect the makers of these tutorials expect at least a general familiarity with RPG Maker, so the learning curve for these tutorials was steeper than I expected. Many of these tutorials couldn’t be used as they involved coding in the script editor–something we wanted to avoid since we were already using a premade script for monster events and player movements and actions. Much of the fire puzzle had to be done through guesswork and reverse-engineering the pre-existing events in maps D01 through D06, so only one fire puzzle actually works like it should. There were also no tutorials that I could find for attaching multiple switches to a single event, so for the large fire puzzle in the Temple Dungeon Floor 2 map I created a single torch with an invisible door switch and many dummy torches that didn’t do anything. (I later found out, once I was able to bypass the bridge map, that I had created the torches in reverse.)

The switches were also unexpectedly challenging, as the original tutorial I used to make these switches only covered how to make a single switch tied to a single door. Eventually I was able to figure out that each switch-door pair needed its own Open, sesame! variable, but it was a detail that all of the tutorials I researched for switch puzzles failed to mention.

I also forgot to add the event that would allow the user to unlock the wind spell during the game.


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