What I (Phillip Corrado) Did

What I did:

I made all of the area maps for Excavation, with the maps I did for the dungeon in Reclaimer brought over to fill the middle Temple area of the game’s overall dungeon. I also provided support when asked since I had the most experience out of us with RPG Maker and served as final pass bug fixer for the game, and  added in the music.


As always, time was the biggest challenge we faced, bearing the creation of this game from the assets of our larger project that is now set to the wayside, Reclaimer. Over-extension did not prove to be our undoing, however, and Excavation definitely still shows the heart of Reclaimer, albeit in a more condensed form. Bug fixing also proved to be cumbersome, as this was the first time I have bug fixed for a team project, so I couldn’t refer to my memory to figure out what was attempted to be done at a bugged or broken event. Coordinating the work of multiple people in RPG Maker also was a challenge, as it was made for a single person working in mind, and was also one of the key factors of our decision to scale down. We ended up assigning blanketed duties as opposed to splitting off sections as we originally intended with Reclaimer. Making everything work cohesively was probably the hardest thing I had to do.


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