Vive la Révolution: The Possibilities with Assassin’s Creed Unity ::UPDATED::


With leaked images of what’s likely to be this year’s entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise now up on Kotaku and the rest of the internet, a fairly convincing where and when can be drawn for the game: French Revolution era France (at least part of it, anyway). This fits in with and further adds validity to a rumor found earlier on the NeoGAF forums from user krimsoncharge. The footage he said he saw of the game on a plane from a Ubisoft Montreal employee is corroborated by everything in the images, from the setting and time period to the name and design of the logo all fitting with the information he gave.


With the French Revolution now in a pretty safe position as the focus of the next Assassin’s Creed game, I’m really exited for the possibilities on what the game could touch on in a period of time that couldn’t be more perfectly suited for the franchise. Ever since the end of Ezio’s trilogy of games I thought this would make for an excellent setting, with the European architecture and city planning still allowing for fun parkour runs across rooftops while still offering a distinct sense of space with baroque and rococo era architecture dominant of the time, and the sheer amount of interesting and important events that take place within a little more than a decade of one another. From the mid 1780s to the early 1800s, we see the the French Revolution overthrowing the monarchy of Luis XVI and the assumption of that power by the National Convention, the Reign of Terror lead by and ending with the executuion of, Robespierre, and the rise of Napoleon. So much history and violence in such a short period of time offers a great background for an assassin to make their stand for violent freedom against peaceful obedience. It also offers great set pieces for the game. Imagine being a part of or working with the Women’s march on Versailles to find and kill a Templar hiding among the royal court as they find Louis XVI. The Reign of Terror alone would be an interesting chapter for the game, with the feelings of death and the guillotine so present during this period.

Now, pretty much everything we know about this game is rumor, so nothing can really be confirmed about what this game’s going to be about, but these have been some of my thoughts on this period and what they could do with it. Until we get more details, color me interested.


Ubisoft just posted a teaser for the game online today. Check it out:


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