Ultra Rapid Fire: Riot Games’ April Fools Joke and My New Favorite Game Type


I always look forward to April Fools for the video games industry. Most of it involves developers posting some dumb things that make me chuckle or smile, but then there’s always a developer or two that take there joke a step further and something stupidly amazing is born out of it that gives me more joy than most serious video games of that year. MMOs have always been good with this, although I’ve never truly appreciated them due to my general apathy to that genre. The last two years, though,  have been particularly good for this, with 2012 heralding Saints Row’s Enter the Dominatrix DLC which became Saints Row IV, and last year marking the announcement and release of the best 80s themed open world first person laser dragon game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Unrelated to the purpose of this article, there was also a tweet from Blood Dragon creator Dean Evans that had a tease for Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam War 2 which has me super hyped).


This year was particularly good with Goat Simulator, but my personal favorite playable April Fools joke this year is going to be unfortunately gone in a week, and that is the new Ultra Rapid Fire game mode for Riot Games’ League of Legends. The mode dramatically sped up the pacing of the game by breaking it, giving the incredibly technical e-sport the pace of a Call of Duty multiplayer match.

The game type is so wonderfully, beautifully broken, that I can’t stop playing it. While I enjoy League of Legends, I don’t really play it that often. This week however, I’ve played at least one game per day, and I’m really going to miss the mode when it goes. For someone who only casually plays League of Legends, this mode lets me just have dumb fun with the finely tuned mechanics of the game horribly distorted and unbalanced just because.


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