Interview with a League Player: My Friend’s Experience With Tournament Play


Earlier this week, my friend and roommate Burton Ford competed in a League of Legends tournament hosted by the organization LoL Tourneys with his team Gather and Give. They made it further than they ever have before into tournaments, coming in second place after a lengthy final game. I thought this was awesome and wanted to get my friend’s reaction to the results of the tournament, so I did a small interview with him which can be found below.

What champions did you tend to play during the tournament and what role did you tend to focus on?  

“I am the support player. Throughout the tournament, we had a high priority of me playing Morgana in bot lane, because we were going for such a safe bottom lane strategy. Morgana has an ability called Black Shield that makes them immune to cc [crowd control abilites] which makes her a pretty powerful champion for support play.”

What do you think got you to the finals?

“Throughout the tournament we really played late game team comps, so as long as we didn’t lose too hard in the laning phase we were able to come back and win.”

How was the overall experience?

“It was the most fun tournament we were in so far with us getting as far as we did. It was a little stressful in the end, with being streamed and whatnot.”

Do you think you’ll do it again?

“Oh, of course! We’re probably not going to do it through LoL tourneys again though, as they’re changing their tournament days, but we plan to find a different place that hosts though, as we want to keep competing, keep trying to get a little bit better”

You can watch the tournament they played in down below.

Their streamed games started with their semi-final match at (2:19:46)

You can occasionally catch Burton playing with Gather and Give on his teammate’s twitch channel,


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