I am an undergraduate college student with hopes to enter the field of game design, and I plan to use this blog to document projects I will be working on as I strive first towards competency and then (hopefully) to excellence in the field. This will be done through videos I will post, once the kinks are worked out, every two weeks on Tuesday nights. As I will have classes to deal with, finals or papers MAY prevent me from uploading a video on time, but outside of that, I will do my best to be punctual. I will also be posting text and images on stuff I’ll be working on sporadically, but with much more frequency than the videos.

I also plan to post articles and links about other random things that pique my interest. This could be about videogames I’m currently playing or would simply like to reminisce on (I kind of like them A LOT), movies or TV that I’m watching, a video or article that I found and simply can’t keep to myself about, or something else I’d like to share but can’t expressly think of at the moment. These will also be done pretty sporadically unless I plan out something else more steady in the future.

So that’s the plan as of now, but as this is my first time doing something like this, stuff may change or be moved around, but I will do my absolute best to ensure that my uploads will be (fairly) frequent and (hopefully) worthwhile. Once again, I can’t thank enough any and everyone who is reading this. Without you, I’d just be a slightly crazed person talking to myself instead of a slightly crazed person talking to YOU. I look forward to having you with me as I move forward on my path to the career I’ve wanted since I was the age I now merely act.

Here’s a link to my resume for those interested:

Until my next post,

Phillip Corrado


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