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Desperation TitleDesperation Gameplay Pic 05Desperation Gameplay Pic 04Desperation Gameplay Pic 03

Hooray! My first game/school project is done! It’s a survival action/exploration game called Desperation.

You can download it here!

Here’s a log of my updates on my work on this game:

Desperation Hub



Excavation Gameplay Pic 01Excavation Gameplay Pic 05Excavation Gameplay Pic 07Excavation Gameplay Pic 11


Using existing assets from our work on Reclaimer, Shannon and Ashley Lau, Charlie Malcolm, and I made Excavation, a game that exists in the same world as Desperation and would be Reclaimer, and serves as a prequel to the events that were to unfold in the larger game. It is similar in mechanics to Desperation, but is a dungeon crawler with puzzles and combat instead of a survival/scavenging game.

Download it here!

Look at our posts on it here:

Excavation Hub



This is the second game I’m working on alongside my fellow classmates Shannon and Ashley Lau and Charlie Malcolm, expanding on the larger idea I had for my first. As a result of time constraints this game concept has been put on hold and its current assets were converted into a new game called Excavation.

You can still look here, though, for the work that was done on the game, and what could still come to be:

Reclaimer Hub


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