Pre-E3: What I Want to See at Sony’s E3 Press Conference


E3 is just hours away and I can’t wait to hear all the cool stuff people are making that I will want to play when they come out. So much so I’ve decided to make some lists highlighting games I hope to see making their appearances on their respective stages.

I love all games and find fanboy-ism really dumb, so I try to be impartial when talking about large companies that want my money, but I’ve always leaned more towards Sony out of the Big 3, as their exclusives have always interested me the most, with games that range over an extremely wide spectrum of genres and styles. That being said, with the PS4’s recent release, most of their studio’s are hard at work on games that have yet to be announced, so this press conference is likely to have the most surprises simply because not much is known about their games, and if there’s not a single new game announced for holiday this year, that would look extremely barren.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. What better place to start than with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4


While the reports surrounding the development of this game sounded a little rocky, with project leads like writer Amy Hennig leaving, It’s still Naughty Dog behind the game, and fresh-off-of The Last of Us’ Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley have stepped in to lead development. Those guys are great! Uncharted was probably my favorite series on the PS3, and I look forward to seeing what they’ll do with it on the PS4. Speaking of PS3, if Sony intends to bring it up on stage this E3, I can’t imagine it would be without talking about Pesona Team’s Persona 5


While it’s most likely this won’t show up until TGS, my love of the series is overriding my logical side and really hoping for even a trailer to show off the game. Persona 4 Golden was my introduction to the series and it’s probably my favorite JRPG that I’ve played, so seeing the team’s new entry into the series would be awesome for me. Speaking of awesome, thanks to the leaky boat that is Sony, one thing that is looking really awesome is Japan Studio and From Software’s Project Beast/Beast Souls



The Souls series is a personal favorite of mine, so the possibility of seeing two games in the span of 2 years and with this one supposedly having Dark Souls 1 director Hidetaka Miyazaki behind it, it is shaping up to be all kinds of awesome. You know what would also be awesome? Actually seeing anything out of Team Ico’s The Last Guradian


While ICO never clicked with me due to the escort mission aspect of the game, I enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus a lot. This game has been in limbo forever (while like 7 years, but that is an extremely long development time for a game) missing the PS3 entirely. I just want to see this at the conference already to either confirm it still exists or eliminate it from possibility entirely.

That would also be welcome for the last of my hopes for Sony’s press conference, which is Rockstar Games’ Agent


Hey, this is a list of what I want to see. It has THE LAST GUARDIAN on it. It doesn’t have to be realistic. Still, the idea of a Rockstar-made open world Cold-War-era espionage action game is so enticing I still am clinging to some vague hope it isn’t actually nothing at all. Spy thrillers are one of my favorite genre concepts, and Rockstar’s pedigree is well known. If it does actually make an appearance, that would be huge.


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